Consumer Products and Retail Channels

YouGov has built long standing relationships with several of the worlds’ leading consumer goods companies across a variety of sectors, including food and beverage, athletic wear, over-the-counter drugs, household cleaners, and more.  


Here is what we are good at doing: 

  • Pinpointing the unmet needs and expectations of consumer segments in established and emerging markets to grow market share
  • Optimizing product launches by identifying changes to the marketing mix in the critical few weeks after a launch
  • Improving brand positioning and advertising ROI by benchmarking brand perception against industry peers.
  • Determining how to best communicate the value of consumer products and services.
  • Measuring performance of products and brands with different types of customers and relative to competitors.


Audiences and Approaches

YouGov offers a full range of solutions across both quantitative and qualitative approaches, including focus groups, online community/discussion boards, one-on-one interviews, shop-alongs, and online surveys.

We are exceptionally skilled in drawing upon a nationally representative sample to provide insights that are representative of a single nation, but also can dig into specific audiences of interest in a particular category, such as allergy sufferers, people who participate in sports-related events - such as the NCAA March Madness pool - or people who like to cook. 


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