YouGov Wearables - US Edition

YouGov Wearables is a quarterly study that dives into the rapidly developing wearables market.  The study highlights the key trends, opinions, and expectations of consumers and examines the technical ecosystem of wearable owners. The market for wearable devices - be they smartwatches, fitness trackers, or smart accessories – is expected to exceed $34 billion by 2020, and this anticipated 143% growth in the market represents a major opportunity for device manufacturers.

If  your company is interested in purchasing or being part of the study (by including your own proprietary questions) – please contact Tom Fuller.


YouGov Wearables

The research is conducted with an online survey completed by members of YouGov’s proprietary US panel. Each quarter we will interview a total of 3,000 respondents:
• 2,000 interviews with non-owners of wearable devices
• 1,000 interviews with owners of smartwatches, fitness trackers, and smartwear

Survey sample

Two sampling phases:

  1. Surveying respondents who are nationally representative in terms of age, gender, income, and ethnicity. This yields incidence data used to size the market. 
  2. Oversampling of wearables owners to provide sufficient sample for robust reporting on each manufacturer

Overview of survey:

• General device ownership 
• Wearable brand awareness
• Specific device owned
• Purchase motivation, including multiple ownership and switching propensity
• Purchase journey: research, purchase channel, choice path, bundles 
• Activity: usage, sync frequency, goals achieved, apps used
• Satisfaction and ease of use
• Non owners: future interest, brand and model consideration, timescales

Note: there is also a UK edition of this study that includes 2 years of tracking data in that market. Please contact us for more information.

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