A third of younger men use beauty products to make them look better

Hoang NguyenData Journalist
September 05, 2017, 2:00 PM GMT+0

At least 25% of those same men have a daily skin regimen

To combat acne and prevent wrinkles from setting in early, men are stepping up their skincare game. New YouGov research shows that while a quarter of men are current customers of Dove skincare products, the brands they’re considering buying next time varies by age.

Data reveals 29% of male millennials abide by a skin regimen, while 26% of men ages 35-49 do as well. In fact, within the next 30 days, 41% of men ages 18-49 are likely to be in the market to buy a skincare product.

At least a third of men ages 18-49 say that they use beauty products to make them look better. That attitude would explain why men who consider acne-relief products from Proactiv or Clearasil make up 52% of the market.

A quarter of all men say that they use skincare products to prevent themselves from aging, but the brands that different age groups consider vary. Male millennials comprise over a third people who consider luxury skincare brands. They make up 38% of Exuviance’s, 28% of Youth Code’s (a L’Oreal product), and 28% of Neostrata’s brand consideration metric. The products are often found at beauty retailers such as Ulta Beauty rather than drug stores.

Men ages 35 to 49 make up 22% of consideration for products like Le Petit Marseillais, Babygenics, and Oxy. Their preference for these products denotes a period in their lives when acne returns, and starting a new family may require them to buy products for themselves as well as others.

Lastly, men over 50 tend to be loyal to brands that have been around for longer. Of companies like Gold Bond (founded in 1908), Coppertone (1944), and Hawaiian Tropic (1969), 20% of Americans who consider their products are men in that age group, who continue to buy their body lotions and sunscreen products.