Americans still want – and expect – North Korea summit

May 30, 2018, 5:00 PM GMT+0

40% of Americans approve of Trump's handling of North Korea

The off-again, on-again Trump-Kim summit remains something that most Americans want to see; more importantly, it is something they expect to see. In the latest Economist/YouGov Poll, two in three Americans interviewed in the last few days believe a summit between the two leaders remains likely, and by seven to one, the public supports those negotiations.

Republicans are especially convinced a summit will take place. But like many Americans, they are hedging their bets. About twice as many put the likelihood of President Trump meeting with the North Korean leaders as “somewhat likely” as think it’s “very likely.”

But although 72% support direct negotiations with North Korea, most are not convinced that it will make much difference. They are not ready to trust Kim Jong-un or his country. A majority (53%) regard North Korea as an enemy of the United States, and only 5% say it is friendly or an ally. About two in three see North Korea’s nuclear program as a threat to the United States. These opinions haven’t changed in the last few weeks, even as the talk of possible negotiations rises and falls.

It’s also clear Americans want talks despite low expectations for changes in the North’s behavior. Seven in ten believe the likelihood of North Korea dismantling its nuclear program is unlikely.

Republicans are a little less pessimistic. Again, Americans overall don’t want to rule out the possibility of North Korean disarmament. Less than a third think the dismantling of the North Korea nuclear program is “not likely at all.”

The President’s rating on handling North Korea, which dropped last week during the turmoil over whether or not a summit would ever take place, continues to slide. Two weeks ago, more approved than disapproved. Last week, opinion was evenly divided. This week, slightly more disapprove.

40% approve of the President’s handling of foreign policy, 39% approve of how he is handling his job overall.

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