D. Sunshine Hillygus
  • Privacy And PoliticsArticle

    Privacy And Politics

    One of the emerging stories from the 2012 campaign has been Obama’s success (and Romney’s failure) at data mining and microtargeting. While many pundits have applauded the efficiency and effectiveness of the efforts of the Obama campaign, some political observers have bristled at the privacy implications.  Terms such as “creepy” ...

    11 Dec 2012
  • The 2012 Gender GapArticle

    The 2012 Gender Gap

    Polls throughout the 2012 campaign have consistently found that women support Obama by a wide margin, prompting speculation that the gender gap could prove decisive to the election outcome.   A YouGov poll of 1000 Americans this week finds that Obama leads Romney (51% to 41%) among women, whereas the candidates ...

    01 Oct 2012
  • Perceptions of Supreme Court LegitimacyArticle

    Perceptions of Supreme Court Legitimacy

    In the two weeks since the Supreme Court upheld Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA), journalists and pundits have scrutinized the public’s response.  Most have found quite mixed reviews of the decision. For example, Pew reports divided approval of the court’s decision, with “disappointed” being the most common one-word reaction ...

    15 Jul 2012
  • Are Consumers Motivated by Politics?Article

    Are Consumers Motivated by Politics?

    In a recent New York Times article, Thomas Edsall documents the extent to which Democrats and Republicans differ not only in their political views, but also their day-to-day lifestyles—the cars they drive, the restaurants they frequent, and even the beers they drink. [1]   But do these differences reflect ...

    30 Apr 2012
  • Do Democrats Really Have an Enthusiasm Advantage?Article

    Do Democrats Really Have an Enthusiasm Advantage?

    Much has been made of the GOP’s recent “enthusiasm” problem.  According to a Politico news story earlier this week, “Democrats currently are more excited about voting this fall than Republicans are, a sign that doesn’t bode well for the GOP effort to reclaim the White House.” Turnout has indeed ...

    10 Feb 2012