Chantel Le CarpentierProject Manager - Diversity Research

Chantel leads YouGov’s research on underrepresented and minority groups for our global Public and Civic Data team. Her research focuses are the experiences of marginalised groups and international politics, including the consumer experience of LGBT+ people and YouGov's work on the 2019 UK and European Parliament elections. Chantel works with media agencies, political parties and think tanks and currently sits on the Market Research Society Pride committee working on ways to improve research methods in the sector.

Chantel holds a degree from the University of Essex, where she was also president of the student union. She has also served as Women's Officer for Labour Students and as a member of the LGBT Committee at the National Union of Students. Chantel’s previous academic work has included the experience of class in higher education and, in a paper published in 2016, how international cooperation has been used to attempt to tackle national prejudice.