Jim TaylorSenior Advisor

Over the course of his 40 year career, Dr. Jim Taylor has built a reputation as one of the leading marketing and branding consultants in the US.  He has spent the last 11 years at YouGov and its predecessor firm Harrison Group, where he currently as a senior advisor.

Dr. Taylor has advised a diverse roster of blue-chip clients across a broad range of industries, including luxury, real estate, financial services, and education, among others, on their strategic marketing and branding initiatives, including future forecasting and customer acquisition and retention.

Dr. Taylor is the co-founder of the Survey of Affluence and Wealth in America, widely considered the foremost annual study of how America’s wealthy families live, save, spend and manage their households. The Survey, which is a partnership with Time Inc., provides a unique perspective on how luxury brands - from hotels to real estate developers to luxury goods manufacturers to automobiles - engage with their customers, as well as the expectations their customers have of them.

In past roles, Dr. Taylor has served as Chief Executive Officer of Yankelovich, Skelly & White (currently The Futures Company), and as Chief Marketing Officer of Ernst & Young, Gateway Computers, Iomega Corporation, and the Lyle Anderson Company.  He has also authored four books and have contributed articles and interviews to a variety of leading national publications and broadcast media outlets.

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