Peter KellnerPresident

Peter Kellner is a journalist, political commentator, and was President of YouGov. He retired from the company in 2016.

  • Analysis: which human rights matter most?Article

    Analysis: which human rights matter most?

    New data from seven countries in Europe plus the USA reveals the importance different cultures place on different rights around the world

    30 Mar 2016
  • Analysis: the curious link between prosperity and pessimismArticle

    Analysis: the curious link between prosperity and pessimism

    Living standards will almost certainly be better for the next generation – so why is there a correlation between prosperity and pessimism? The official statistics are clear. Our generation is better off, safer and destined to live longer than our parents’ generation – and probably than any preceding generation. True, ...

    13 Nov 2015
  • Do Britons Understand the U.S. better than Americans?Article

    Do Britons Understand the U.S. better than Americans?

    Do Britons understand the US better than Americans? It is often said that a political leader must be a teacher and not just someone who takes tough decisions. As he embarks on his second term as President, perhaps one of Barack Obama’s challenges is to teach ...

    25 Jan 2013
  • Private Lives And Public ValuesArticle

    Private Lives And Public Values

    In 21st century America, most voters have ceased to regard adultery or homosexuality as barriers to holding senior posts in politics, the military, business or government-funded services. General Petraeus’s tangled life may have cost him is job as director of the CIA, but most Americans believe that it is no ...

    26 Nov 2012
  • How Obama wonArticle

    How Obama won

    Barack Obama secured re-election by maintaining the coalition that gave him victory four years ago: black and Hispanic voters, young Americans, women and Americans with post-graduate degrees. These outnumbered Mitt Romney’s supporters among white men, older Americans and people who have not been to college. This emerges clearly from analysis ...

    07 Nov 2012
  • Final YouGov Surveys Show Favorable Landscape For ObamaArticle

    Final YouGov Surveys Show Favorable Landscape For Obama

    YouGov’s final survey in America shows Barack Obama ahead in enough states to secure a second term as President, but by a narrower margin than in his first victory four years ago. In one of the most extensive polls ever conducted, YouGov questioned more than 36,000 Americans in 27 states, ...

    05 Nov 2012
  • Obama stays ahead - justArticle

    Obama stays ahead - just

    There are two versions of what has happened in the past three weeks in the battle to be US President. One is the version told by most nationwide polls and accepted by the media; the second, told by a minority of nationwide polls, including YouGov, and most polls in the ...

    23 Oct 2012