Most Americans want Donald Trump to release his tax returns

May 27, 2016, 2:15 PM GMT+0

However only a minority say it is "very important" for presidential nominees to release detailed income tax returns

Nearly eight in ten Americans have heard at least something about the controversy over Donald Trump non-release of his tax returns – and while many aren’t sure it’s especially important for presidential candidates to release their taxes in the latest Economist/YouGov Poll, by three to one they think Donald Trump should release his.

This is, as so many things are today, a partisan issue. Eight in ten Democrats and six in ten independents thin the presumptive Republican nominee should release his returns, while Republicans are evenly divided.

That Republican divide masks a big difference between those who supported Trump for the nomination and those who did not. By two to one, GOP Trump supporters don’t think the businessman should release his returns; by five to three, those who favored other Republican candidates think he should.

That partisan difference also extends to the general question about the importance of presidential candidate releasing their tax returns. Half of Democrats say it’s very important – but just 17% of Republicans do.

And many Americans think the whole issue is getting too much attention. 41% overall – and 66% of Republicans think the media have given Trump’s taxes too much attention.

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