Post-debate poll: Clinton 47%, Trump 42%

William JordanUS Elections Editor
October 10, 2016, 6:30 AM GMT+0

YouGov interviewed 812 registered voters who watched the debate

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton clashed for the second time at a town hall-style debate in St Louis, Missouri on Sunday night.

According to YouGov's post-debate poll, which interviewed 812 registered voters who watched the debate, Hillary Clinton won the debate against Donald Trump by 47% to 42%. Clinton narrowly won undecideds 44% to 41%. She was also considered “more Presidential” by a 57% to 31% margin. There was a gender gap, however: women thought Clinton won by 50-38%, while men thought Trump won by 46-43%.

71% also say Trump interrupted more often, compared to 7% who thought Clinton interrupted more.

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