Post-debate poll: Clinton 49%, Trump 39%

William JordanUS Elections Editor
October 20, 2016, 2:42 AM GMT+0

YouGov interviewed 1503 registered voters who watched the debate

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton clashed for the third and final debate in Las Vegas, Nevada on Wednesday night.

According to YouGov's post-debate poll, which interviewed 1503 registered voters who watched the debate, Hillary Clinton won the debate against Donald Trump by 49% to 39%. 12% said it was a tie.

68% of debate watchers said Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump should "pledge to accept the result of the election", including 51% of Republican viewers. 14% oppose a pledge and 18% don't know.

69% said Hillary Clinton showed "excellent" or "good" knowledge of policies, compared to 40% for Trump. Meanwhile 61% say Trump was excellent or good at showing "passion and conviction", compared to 57% for Clinton. While 59% rated Clinton positively on acting presidential, only 40% did the same for Donald Trump.

The candidates were virtually tied on most issues discussed in the debate. On gun control, 48% say they agree with Clinton more, versus 47% for Trump. On taxes, 49% pick Clinton against 46% for Trump. On US-Russia relations, Clinton 47%, Trump 46%. Trump had a one-point lead on Supreme Court nominations, 48% to 47%, and, by 50% to 47%, more agreed with Trump on immigration. He had a more significant lead on trade: 50% to 41%. Similarly, Clinton led by more on the "fairness of U.S. elections" 50% to 39%.

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