America Speaks: What do they think Donald Trump’s legacy will be?

Candice JaimungalSocial Media Contributor
January 29, 2021, 1:00 PM GMT+0

With Donald Trump out of the Oval Office, we asked Chat users what they think his legacy will be. You can join the conversation here.

While some YouGov Chat users said former president Trump will have a positive legacy...

  • “One of the best presidents of the United States! Exposing corruption throughout the government. Giving Americans pride again in our country.”
  • “Putting America and the American people first.”

  • “For being the best president we have ever had. For unashamedly loving and defending our country. And for having the backbone and fortitude to follow through on his convictions.”
  • “A true President for the people of America who always put America and Americans needs first. Best President ever!”
  • “He began the rebirth of interest in the Constitution and our form of government.”

Others felt differently...

  • “Trump will go down in history as one of the most divisive, nationalistic, xenophobic, sexist, racist, ignorant fools to ever hold the office of President.”

  • “Challenging the country's democracy. He will go down as the worst President in American history.”
  • “He will be remembered as one of the worst presidents in history. I can only hope that he will be in prison in the near future and unable to damage our country any further.”
  • “His legacy is cemented in the denial of the election and attempts to subvert the will of the American voters.”
  • “He is the worst president this country has ever had. He will be remembered for division and hate to most.”

Some Chat users praised Trump, saying that his promise to take on fraud and corruption in government was successful.

  • “Taking on the swamp establishment.”
  • “Draining the swamp and showing how deep the fraud and corruption goes.”
  • “Showing how bad America's politicians are and opening our eyes to the corruption.”
  • “Exposing the level of corruption in Washington amongst career politicians.”

While others said his failure to respond to the coronavirus pandemic will leave a lasting impression on his legacy.

  • “For his mishandling of the coronavirus and killing 400,000 people by spreading conspiracy theories and lies.”
  • “Botching the COVID response.”
  • “The worst President this country ever had. He lied. He ignored the pandemic and was responsible for lives being lost.”

  • “For lying to the American people and not showing any leadership in dealing with the virus.”

For others, the events at the Capitol were on their minds when asked what Trump’s legacy will be.

  • “He will be remembered for being the face of bigots and insurrectionists.”
  • “He will be remembered for his lies, his attempt to destroy democracy and his incitement of the domestic terrorist attack on January 6.”

  • “Inciting the Capitol insurrection.”
  • “For dividing the country, enabling alt right groups, starting an insurrection, and damaging the Republican Party.”

Some Chat users said Trump would be remembered for his work on the United States economy.

  • “Getting a dead economy moving, moving the American embassy moved to Jerusalem.”
  • “Having the best economy ever.”
  • “Booming economy!”

  • “Increasing the strength of America's economy, at least until Covid hit.”
  • “No wars, great economy, Middle East peace.”

While his legacy, for others, is rooted in his impeachments.

  • “The most divisive president in modern history. And the first to be fully impeached by both house and senate.”
  • “Being impeached twice and lying to the American people about election results as well as failed response to covid.”

  • “Only president to be impeached twice!”


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