Millennials Not Buying Dos Equis New "Most Interesting Man"

Ted MarzilliCEO YouGov Direct
December 15, 2016, 8:49 PM GMT+0

Dos Equis' new “World’s Most Interesting Man” doesn’t appear to be so interesting to millennials.

Since re-introducing the iconic advertising character at the end of October with a new, younger version played by 41-year-old Augustin Legrand, Dos Equis’ purchase consideration with millennials has dropped by more than half.

On November 3rd, 18% of millennials said they’d consider purchasing Dos Equis the next time they were buying beer. By December 8th, that percentage had fallen to 8%, the lowest it’s been for this age group in nearly four years. The purchase consideration average for the beer sector on December 8th was 13%.

Millennial ad awareness did increase from 21% of millennials aware of Dos Equis ads at the end of October to a peak 31% on December 8th, indicating that millennials were aware of the new campaign.

Ad Awareness: Dos Equis v US Beer Sector

Ad Awareness

Purchase Consideration: Dos Equis v US Beer Sector

Purchase Consideration

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