Six in ten Republicans believe that same-sex couples should not receive fertility benefits

May 24, 2017, 5:16 PM GMT+0

Americans divided over who should have access to infertility insurance

Only fifteen US states require insurers to cover infertility costs. Of those, only eight states mandate insurance companies to include IVF on their plans, and even fewer are clear on how “infertility” is defined in terms of same-sex couples or single individuals looking to become parents.

In an attempt to increase accessibility and transparency, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced last month that New York would begin to require health insurers to include coverage for fertility treatments, regardless of marital status or sexual orientation, on their plans. The declaration was met with both emphatic praise and vehement disdain from politicians and New Yorkers alike.

Amid the ongoing debate, YouGov surveyed over 5,000 individuals to better gauge how society at large stands on the issue at hand. The poll revealed that Americans are split in regards to whether they believe that same-sex couples should receive fertility benefits – 38% responded yes, while 37% answered no.

Breaking down the stats further reveals that Democrats and Republicans are particularly divided on the matter. 62% of Republicans are against fertility coverage for same-sex partners, while 52% Democrats are pro. Similarly, men and women also seem to share differing opinions regarding healthcare – albeit less statistically substantial ones. 43% of women want to see fertility benefits for same-sex couples, but only a third of men (33%).

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