Majority of Americans would support public urinals in their town

Jamie BallardData Journalist
August 20, 2018, 5:00 PM GMT+0

Only 29% of women are opposed to the idea

The city of Paris recently installed several public urinals in different locations, in an effort to reduce people urinating in the street. Though many Parisians have voiced opposition, nearly half (47%) of Americans say they would welcome public urinal installations in their community.

Men (52%) were considerably more likely than women (42%) to support the idea of public urinals in their area. Another 29% of women said they are opposed, while an equal number say they are not sure.

The US region most likely to support this idea is the west, with 52% in support, and only 24% opposed. About half (49%) of people in the south also agreed with this idea, along with 45% of the northeast. The midwest was the least likely to support the installation of public urinals, but there were still more in support (40%) than opposed (34%).

The urinals in Paris are called “uritrottoirs,” a combination of the French words for urinal and pavement. They’re painted bright red and filled with straw, in order to absorb odors. They’re also eco-friendly: Officials said in a statement that they will harness nutrients in waste to produce compost for parks and gardens.

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