Most people say marijuana addiction is real

Jamie BallardData Journalist
August 28, 2018, 2:00 PM GMT+0

People who live in the West were slightly more likely to say a person can be addicted to marijuana

As more states move towards legalizing marijuana, many people are wondering about the effects of cannabis use, and whether or not the substance can be considered addictive.

About six in ten (59%) Americans say that they think that a person can be addicted to marijuana, according to new data from YouGov Omnibus. Another 21% disagree, and 20% are not sure.

People who live in the West (which includes Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada and California – all states where recreational marijuana use is legal) are very slightly more likely (61%) than people in other regions to say that a person can be addicted to marijuana.

Majorities of both Democrats and Republicans agreed that marijuana can be addictive, but Republicans (70%) were considerably more likely than Democrats (57%) to think this. One-quarter (25%) of Democrats said a person cannot be addicted to marijuana, while only 16% of Republicans agreed.

Americans between 18 and 24 were the most likely of any age group to say a person can’t be addicted to marijuana, with 25% choosing this answer. For people 55 and up, only 19% say a person cannot be addicted, while 62% in this group say they can.

There is clearly much debate over whether or not marijuana can be addictive. The National Institute for Drug Abuse says that “Marijuana use can lead to the development of problem use, known as a marijuana use disorder, which takes the form of addiction in severe cases.” Other researchers, like those at the American Addiction Centers have also suggested that “a person may be physically dependent on a drug, such as marijuana, but not psychologically addicted.”

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