YouGov Recommend+ is a highly cost-effective NPS diagnostics approach to give marketers the full picture on what drives consumer advocacy. Marketing professionals can evaluate the importance of factors such as brand image, brand values, emotion, and consumer personality in determining whether someone is likely to recommend a brand or not.

Next level NPS & brand tracking
Next level NPS & brand tracking
It can be expensive to find representative samples of customers. Our unique cost-effective methodology delivers engaged respondents who deliver excellent data.
More than a tracker
More than a tracker
Questionnaire length should not define the boundaries of your knowledge. Our approach is integrated with the YouGov Cube- our unique connected data set.
Measuring what matters
Measuring what matters
Speak to the emotions, concerns, values and experiences of your customers to gauge how likely they are to give you that ultimate compliment; a recommendation.

YouGov has been assessing consumer recommendation of brands for 20 years and we currently measure it in more than 40 markets. We understand the importance of recommendation as brand health and consumer satisfaction metrics but also as a powerful communications channel. The scale, depth, and breadth of our unique data assets mean that they are an unrivaled source of profound, and sometimes challenging, insights on what is driving consumer recommendations.

YouGov Recommend+ is a brand specific tracking service making full use of YouGov’s data assets. We know that consumer attitudes to brands can range from nonchalance to love, from logical to emotional. Our data will allow you to understand how your brands, and your competitors’, perform.

It’s also not all about you, it’s about them. Some people are more likely to recommend you than others. When optimizing your product, brand, and communications you need to understand how tough to influence your audience is. We can tell you.

Our connect data approach will mean that you have the full picture on what's driving your NPS and the right information to prove it.

We deliver the following:

  • A first class continuous NPS tracking service with quarterly or monthly data deliveries
  • NPS and brand health diagnostics
  • Bespoke Customer Experience measurement
  • Emotional, rational, and values-based drivers connected to rich consumer personality data
  • A market-leading analytics platform,, to probe the data

The Advantage

  1. 1. Global online community

    YouGov operates a global online panel of millions of people who talk to us every day about their entire world in exchange for points and rewards, or because they want to contribute to the national debate.

  2. 2. Advanced analytics

    Our online analytics platform, Crunch allows both YouGov researchers and our clients to navigate, analyse, visualize and present their research findings in one simple, intuitive online platform.

  3. 3. Connected data universe

    The YouGov Cube is where we store everything we learn from a continuous conversation with our global online community. It's a connected data universe built from three dimensions; time, data and people.

The YouGov Recommend+ Team

Julian Tooke has been working on consumer measurements and marketing for 30 years. He has worked at advertising, media and market research agencies with brand stakeholders both in the UK and across the world.


Julian Tooke

Global Director of Product Integration

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