YouGov Announces YouGov Ratings

April 23, 2018, 12:30 PM GMT+0

YouGov Ratings provides the definitive popularity score on anything from superstars to supermarkets (and almost everything else in between)

Today, YouGov unveils YouGov Ratings, a new and dynamic free public data platform that enables people to see what their fellow Americans think about thousands of things.

YouGov Ratings is robust, searchable, and publicly accessible data that allows anyone to see how US consumers view almost anything – from pop stars to politicians, sports teams to snack foods, and everything in between. It is available for free.

These nationally representative popularity scores cover more than 8,000 topics and are published on a continuous basis. With more than 30 million responses, YouGov Ratings gives an authentic glimpse into the mindset of consumers across America. As well as allowing people to see how popular different things are, it also shows the connections between fans of one thing and another. Whether it is the brands that fans of a particular celebrity like, or what TV shows fans of a certain politician prefer, YouGov Ratings shows the links.

With YouGov Ratings, users can search and find answers to:

  • What TV show do Millennials love most?
  • Do men and women prefer different phone models?
  • Which old-timey TV show do fans of the President like?
  • Who is the most top rated active sports personality among female Millennials or Gen-Xers?
  • Who’s more famous – Taylor Swift, Kanye West, or Kim Kardashian?
  • Which bank do Baby Boomers rate most highly?

By publishing these nationally representative popular scores together with our other data, YouGov Ratings showcases the breadth and depth of YouGov’s data. As with any nationally representative survey, we use weighting to fine-tune the demographic balance of the YouGov Ratings sample. It is also the latest addition to our connected YouGov US Profiles consumer database. Our clients who access our YouGov Profiles solutions will see data reflective of YouGov Ratings within the data sets. With this, YouGov continues to challenge the status quo in the market research industry.

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