These consumers are listening to music on their game consoles. What apps are they using?

Graeme BruceBusiness Data Journalist
December 09, 2020, 2:15 PM GMT+0

As another console generation begins, one thing is for certain: These spec-ed out connected devices are not just for games - they are living room entertainment hubs.

And an important part of that function is music, so lets look at how consumers around the world are using their consoles to stream music.

According to YouGov data, an estimated 8.4 million Americans have typically used their gaming console to listen to music in the last six months. Further estimates show 2.4 million consumers have done so in Great Britain, 4.5 million in Germany and 2.2 million in France. In its Q1 report, Spotify reported a 50% hike in listening through TV and game consoles, compared to Q1 2019, due in no small part to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This insight is important for marketers as they decide which channels are best to connect to gamers and console owners.

YouTube, Spotify and Amazon Prime Music are clearly the top services used by those who use their console to stream music, YouGov data reveals. French streaming service Deezer, however, is proving to be a formidable player in France.

Unsurprisingly, most of this audience who streams music on their consoles are gamers, so let’s look at how marketers can reach them.

Most of these services have free tiers so therefore there’s an opportunity for brands to reach this audience via ads. In the US, one in five (20%) of console music streamers have a free Spotify account.

Another way to connect with this audience may be to create brand playlists. YouGov data in the US shows console music streamers are significantly more likely to enjoy exploring new genres and artists and view themselves as music tastemakers. Roughly half (53%) say they usually know emerging music artists, while 62% say people often come to them for music suggestions. YouGov data suggests this audience is more likely to list rap/hip hop, punk, and electronic music as their favorite music types - however their eclectic tastes stretch beyond just those genres.

Methodology: Results are based on the question: “In the last 6 months, which, if any, of the following devices do you most typically use to listen to music? Please select all that apply” asked between December 2019 and December 2020. Sample sizes were 204 in the United States, 127 in Great Britain, 449 in Germany, and 449 in France. Streaming service data is based on the question: “Which, if any, of the following online music services do you currently use either on a free or paid-for subscription? Please select all that apply.

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