How many console owners are playing ‘Among Us’?

Graeme BruceBusiness Data Journalist
December 17, 2020, 4:05 PM GMT+0

‘Among Us,' the indie online social deduction game first released in 2018, has become a global smash hit in the pandemic era.

Up until now, it has only been available for mobile and PC gamers via Steam. However, Nintendo announced on December 15 that its now available on the Switch. Considering this news, YouGov consumer data shows just how many console gamers in the United States have put down their controllers to suss out imposters or elude crew members recently.

Data continuously collected by the YouGov Profiles tool shows 6% of Americans who have a Nintendo Switch in their household say they’ve played Among Us in the last 30 days. Switch owners are twice as likely as the general public to have played Among Us in the last month – making the move to Switch look a sensible one.

As questions continue to swirl around whether the game will become available on other platforms, YouGov data shows the game could see even more success on other consoles. One in eight Xbox One owners (13%) have played the party game in the last month, as have 11% of PlayStation 4 owners.

As the months of 2020 wore on, the indie darling game rose in popularity, solidifying itself as a bonafide pop-culture phenomenon when celebrities and politicians, including U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, began streaming their games online.

The game is free to play on mobile. However, Switch users will have to pay $5 (with a Nintendo Switch Online account), which is on par with the price on Steam.

Methodology: 656 Xbox One owners, 461 Nintendo Switch owners and 697 PlayStation 4 owners were asked if they used the ‘Among Us’ app in the last 30 days. Tha audience of console owners was based on the question: “Which, if any, of the following devices are used by you or anyone else in your household to play games on? Please select all that apply.”

Image: Nintendo

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