US Automotive Advert of the Month July: Toyota

Rishad Dsouza
August 04, 2021, 10:24 AM GMT+0

Toyota is the winner of the YouGov Automotive Advertiser of the month in July after registering a 3.7-point increase in its Ad Awareness scores over the last month.

The Japanese automobile giant released an advert for the GR Supra in mid-June. The spot, which is designed to show off the vehicle’s versatility, is a play on the process of pitching advertising ideas, with the creatives having to incorporate a range of diverse shots of the GR Supra to satisfy the clients. The video, which is almost five minutes long, has gained over 9 million views on YouTube.

Toyota’s Ad Awareness score, which reflects the percentage of people that have watched an advert from a brand in the last two weeks, was 28.2 on June 29. The score began to rise in the middle of July to reach 31.9 as of July 27.

Over the same period, Toyota, which is also a sponsor of the US team at the Tokyo Olympics, has also made upward movement in its Buzz Score, rising from 15.7 to 17.5. The Buzz Score is a net score of consumers who have heard positive things about a brand against those who have heard negative things.

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