Provide quick, smooth, exceptional customer service to enhance CX

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August 05, 2022, 2:58 PM GMT+0

Around 46% of customers expect businesses to respond in less than four hours after a query has been raised.

Brands should prioritise arming their contact centres with the tools they need to answer customer queries quickly and effectively. Utilising chatbots and Google Messaging along with creating contact forms, Google Q&As, and social media channels can help brands provide an answer to customers quickly.

To reduce consumer questions and improve conversions, brands must ensure all CTAs lead to the right landing pages, checkout processes are short and simple, and site loads fast. They should also optimise their website design and reduce the number of steps to make a purchase.

Brands should further optimise their local search experience with correct information. Local listing management solutions can help brands improve customer experience by eliminating misinformation and ensuring accurate, updated information across the entire search ecosystem.

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