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Two in five Americans browse online to see what is available before buying

Empowered by the internet, today’s shoppers are now in a position of power and that affects the retail choices they make.

When consumers were asked which factors motivate them to buy apparel and footwear, cost-related influencers rise to the top. Consumers in the fashion retail market tend to be price-sensitive customers and brands that offer price competition – through low prices or discounts – have a better chance of being considered.

YouGov’s latest white paper connects data from two powerful solutions to report what is happening in the fashion retail sector:

  • YouGov BrandIndex, a global brand tracker, reveals which brands perform well among price-sensitive customers as well as other groups of shoppers critical to the fashion retail sector.

  • YouGov Profiles, a consumer segmentation tool, helps identify a group of young, city-dwelling men whose propensity to shop and make large-ticket purchases deserves attention.

  • Employed in tandem, YouGov’s connected data products offer insights into the success of two brands – Uniqlo and New Balance – and analyzes the different shoppers driving their growth.

This report should be of particular interest to the retailers that want to know more about their customers – particularly the attitudes and habits that may forecast future behavior.

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