Companies must maintain their marketing efforts amid the pandemic to ensure long term brand growth

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April 15, 2020, 1:36 AM GMT+0

Adopt “mirror-touch synaesthesia” to effectively understand consumer behavioural changes.

With COVID-19 changing consumer behaviour, it is imperative for brands to adapt their marketing efforts to these changes to maintain relevancy. Creating campaigns that exhibit certainty and solidarity can help marketers lessen some of the “national panic” while making the brand memorable.

Marketers must be alert to consumers' changing behaviour, consumption patterns, and conversations. Adapting a “mirror-touch synaesthesia” can help marketers effectively understand what their consumers are thinking and feeling and appropriately modify messages and approaches.

Post-pandemic, brands should focus their marketing activities around the emotional and behavioural changes required to help consumers get back to normal lives. The author contends marketers should work with psychologists to create positive campaigns in an appropriate tone and aspire behavioural changes.

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