Accurately organising data can help create specific CTAs for each stage of the buyer’s journey 

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July 27, 2020, 5:13 PM GMT+0

Poor data integrity, poor data hygiene and data silos are among the factors that stop marketers from effectively using data.  

Marketers should address gaps in their data collection, data storage and data implementation strategies. Unorganised, incomplete or duplicate data can stop marketers from leveraging the full potential of each data point. Setting up a centralised data-viewing platform can help address these issues by breaking down departmental siloes and update information.

Properly sorted data can help brands’ deliver relevant content and aid in creating seamless customer journeys. This organised data can be used to update CTAs based on the stage that customer is at in the sales funnel.

Creating relevant and appropriate CTAs can help push customers down the funnel. For the best results, data should be collected from four major categories – direct data, third-party data, inferred data and behavioural data.

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