Leverage sonic branding to create a unique B2B brand identity and boost recall

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September 12, 2022, 7:13 AM GMT+0

Music can prove strategic and powerful when used effectively to establish strong brand awareness and consumer connect.

By investing in a sonic identity, B2B brands can use sound to positively differentiate between products or services, create a preference among consumers and build trust. By doing so, businesses stand to enjoy increased sales as well as greater ROI.

Businesses must focus on creating a unique, consistent sound across touchpoints - ranging from on-hold music, ring tones and webinars. A consistent experience conditions the user to quickly identify the brand. 

In addition to creating cohesion and engaging customers, a strong sonic identity can engage employees, reinforce the brand’s leadership and help develop a holistic high-quality brand experience.

Importantly, sonic branding helps brands strike an emotional note with the audiences and stand out in competitive markets. It can help brands develop a unique, strong personality and offer consumers a consistent experience. 

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