A lack of discoverability on audio platforms is making it hard for podcasters to grow  

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October 07, 2022, 10:06 AM GMT+0

Issues like lack of access to listener data or an inability to connect data across platforms are holding back audience engagement.  

Subscriptions are an effective way for podcasters to grow their complementary revenue and offer bonus content or benefits to their listeners. But when it comes to podcast-hosting platforms like Apple and Spotify, the lack of features and technological hindrances make it difficult for podcasters to boost their subscriptions.

For instance, while both Spotify and Apple support show-level subscriptions, the platforms silo the shows and limit the listeners’ ability to explore the more extensive podcast portfolio. Similarly, show-level subscriptions on Apple do not appear under a podcaster’s main channel on Apple Podcasts.

Podcasters can also not collect first-party data from platforms like Apple, which implement strict data privacy policies. The data deficit prevents podcasters from gaining insight into audience analytics, episode ratings, demographics, etc. This lack of understanding makes it harder to know the type of content audiences are likely to engage with.

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