Women are much more likely than men to think that star signs are revealing about people and the world

Astrology continues to be a multimillion-dollar industry in India and it receives plenty of attention elsewhere in the world ­­– even if, as professional stargazers have argued, 86% of people are now living under the wrong sign due to earth’s off kilter spin. But does anyone actually believe that stuff? 

The latest research from YouGov shows that 14% of Americans do think that horoscopes can tell you something about the future, while 65% don't think that they can. A fifth are unsure. Democrats (21%) and women (19%) are the most likely to think horoscopes can tell you about the future, while men (10%) and people in the Midwest (also 10%) are the least likely to think this. In the UK only 8% of the public think that horoscopes can tell the future. 

When it comes to star signs and personality, most Americans (51%) don't think that star signs can actually tell you something about yourself or others, though 30% do think that star signs can be informative. Women (39%) are almost twice as likely as men (21%) to think that star signs can tell you something. While most men (62%) don't think star signs can tell you anything, only 40% of women agree. 

People might generally be skeptical of star signs and horoscopes, but that doesn't mean that Americans think there is no deeper pattern to life. 52% of Americans say that they do believe in fate while only 29% do not believe in fate. 

Full poll results can be found here and topline results and margin of error here.

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