Content marketers should consider the pillar-cluster model and historical optimisation

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March 27, 2019, 4:31 PM UTC

Both SEO techniques could help improve website traffic and also boost engagement.

This article offers suggestions to revive stagnating and declining website traffic. Historical optimisation (updating and optimising old content) and using a pillar-cluster model (which helps establish domain authority) are some of the recommendations made by the author.

A pillar-cluster model involves having a “pillar page” that contains high quality overview of a given topic. This page also contains hyperlinks to cluster pages that expand on the subtopics. These hyperlinks boost the domain authority of both the pillar page and its cluster pages

Historical optimisation - which entails refreshing old content, optimising it for SEO and republishing it - can help improve traffic by building upon the existing organic value of such content. However, this strategy is best suited for web pages that attract considerable organic traffic, have a substantial archive of old content and have a significant amount of blog subscribers and social media followers. 

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