Using Instagram’s Shop Now and See More features can help boost sales

Shinmin Bali
April 30, 2019, 10:45 AM UTC

Both these features can prompt a sale by taking followers directly to the brand’s website.

This article recommends using Instagram to encourage “spontaneous” purchases. Another recommendation is for brands to build personal relationships with followers to see a boost in sales. Instagram’s Shop Now and See More features, by taking followers to the brand’s website, “catch the consumer off guard” by enabling a spontaneous purchase.

Instagram Stories can help promote products and allow sharing information about the manufacturing processes and ingredients used. Brands can also use Instagram Live to answer follower’s queries.

The author notes that brands often risk seeming “distant” on social media. To avoid this and to develop a more personal relationship with its followers, brands can share access to its Instagram account with their employees, turning them into brand representatives. These representatives can take turns posting about the brand’s products they’re using thereby creating a loyal following.

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