Marketers need to remember that consumers are not necessarily like them

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May 08, 2019, 4:27 PM UTC

Insightful data analysis and measurement can save marketers’ budget from getting wasted.

This article argues that there is a significant difference in online behaviour and media consumption between marketers and their consumers. The author cites TV/Ad Nation data showing that marketers are more likely to spend time on a wide range of social media platforms than the general public as an example.

The author argues that due to this difference, advertising and marketing professionals often fail to understand consumers’ needs and where to reach them. Their lack of consumer insight can lead marketers to spend big budgets in an inappropriate way. 

Though marketers have enough data to get useful insights about consumer behaviour, the piece states that they are lacking in the necessary skills and tools, which is stopping them from creating effective campaigns. Learning to extract accurate insights about their audience through data analysis and measurement can help marketers reach, engage and serve consumers more effectively. 

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