Building a brand architecture and strategy can connect consumers to a brand emotionally

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May 13, 2019, 7:03 AM UTC

This can also help businesses share their story in a way that seems authentic.

This article notes that in order to survive, companies should focus on building a brand architecture and strategy. Building a brand architecture and strategy can allow consumers to connect emotionally with businesses in a way that is “real, meaningful and human”.

A defined strategy and architecture can also let brands share their story in a way that’s authentic. The emphasis then should be on creating an overall brand identity and not relying only on supporting elements such as logo, colours and design.

A brand identity can be used to share the company’s “cause, mission and vision”. It’s the brand’s responsibility to build its perception, as the customers form theirs based on a set of experiences. This set could include a consumer’s experience with the brand’s communication, tone and personality.  

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