58% of C-suite decision makers consider thought leadership while evaluating businesses to work with

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June 10, 2019, 7:17 AM UTC

B2B buyers see thought leadership beneficial only 12% of the time.

Peter Weinberg, marketing strategist at LinkedIn shared some trends for the B2B “contrarian” marketer. He stated how being contrarian in marketing could help brands stand out from competitors. He cited a study which found that 58% of C-suite decision makers work with businesses depending on their thought leadership. But only 26% of sellers are conscious of the value of thought leadership.  

The article states that B2B businesses must consider replicable campaigns as successful campaigns and their slogans don’t wear out. This could address marketer’s concerns about an idea wearing out.

The author points out that while placing “small bets” may seem like a safe strategy, but marketers aiming for big returns must have a wider distribution. To do this, the article recommends focusing on reach and voice as part of the marketing plan.  

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