Companies must ensure brand safety as well as suitability in video advertising

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June 17, 2019, 7:27 AM UTC

Brand suitability may be defined differently by every business.

The author points out that although brand safety remains a concern, digital giants are working towards developing long-term solutions. As this conversation evolves, marketers must then go beyond brand safety and start considering brand suitability.

The article notes brand suitability as “actively seeking appropriate advertising environments” that impact brand perception and ad effectiveness positively. For example, an alcobev company may want to avoid content aimed at children and would seek out content aimed at audiences over 18 years of age. Each marketer may need to define what brand suitability means for their company.

To discover brand suitable environments for video advertising, companies may need to monitor ad platforms with the help of partners. Focusing on premium video inventory is another measure suggested to ensuring brand suitability.

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