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About 73% of them consider instant, on-demand engagement as an important factor in winning their business.

A Salesforce research reported that 75% of B2B businesses consider a company’s capability of being able to provide connected experiences (such as smooth hands-off or contextualised engagement based on previous customer interaction) as crucial to win their business. 83% of business buyers consider “being treated like a person, and not a number” as an important factor of winning their business.

73% of business buyers expect instant, on-demand engagement from B2B companies. 76% of business customers expect B2B businesses to have a deeper understanding of how to use products and services.

The article points out that bringing together commerce, sales, marketing and service can allow B2B businesses to serve customers with “a single face”. This can also help B2B businesses reach out to unhappy customers and work towards improving any sub-par performance.

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