Use live video to engage Gen Z social media users

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July 11, 2019, 5:56 AM GMT+0

95% of Gen Z consumers are likely to remember a call to action from video content.

This article recommends using video to engage Gen Z consumers. This young cohort spends most of its time on social media, is highly engaged and is interested in video. About 89% of teenagers use social media daily.

Highly active users of social media (especially on video-focused platforms), value experience, trust, belonging and passion. Engaging these consumers through video can help foster a sense of connection with the brands and people they follow. Live videos, in particular, also help to increase engagement.

The article provides that 82% of consumers prefer live video content from a brand as opposed to a social post. Additionally, after watching a video, 95% of consumers are likely to remember a call to action. This drops to 10% for those consumers that read “pure text”.   

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