Data-led bundling can increase ecommerce business conversions

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July 24, 2019, 12:23 PM UTC

Bundling or highlighting what products can be paired with a recent purchase can increase average order volume.

This piece recommends brands should implement data-led bundling through messages like “These products are often bought together” messages to improve conversion rates on e-commerce sites. But bundling recommendations should be based on what people have bought and not profit margins.

Ecommerce businesses can further increase conversions by effective use of retargeting to retain customers who abandon products in the cart. Retargeting these consumers via personalised emails based on their stage of the funnel can reduce cart abandonment rates.

Brands should also create a safety net for returns assuring easy money back policy to satisfy buyers. The author also suggests that companies can include some features like real-time chat and credibility features to assure consumers about the privacy and security of their confidential information.

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