54% of teens in US get their news from social media platforms

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August 16, 2019, 1:48 PM UTC

A survey by Common Sense, a non-profit organisation and SurveyMonkey reveals that teens were more likely to get their news from YouTube.

More than half of the teenagers in the US are turning towards social media platforms to stay informed, while only 41% get their news from traditional channels.  Half of those who depend on social media get their news from celebrities and influencers on YouTube.

This article says that only 53% of the teens who relied on social platforms for news consumption understood it. 19% of the teens surveyed claim that news via social networks makes them more confused about current events.

Common Sense CEO James Steyer said that news platforms should ensure that teens are getting their news from reliable sources. He also added, “These findings raise concerns about what kind of news the next generation is using to shape their decisions”.

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