SMS marketing can be made effective with distilled messages and simple CTAs

Tasim Zahid
September 16, 2019, 7:30 AM UTC

Marketers must take recipients’ consent before sending SMSes.

This piece says that SMS marketing has made a comeback for marketers focused on customer retention and driving new business. Since SMS is a text-only channel, the author recommends keeping the messages brief, while considering the screen size, to optimise the user experience.

Unlike other channels, text messages have high open rates. However, if the messages fail to deliver any value to customers, it could result in high unsubscribe rates as well. Hence, marketers should ensure their messages are relevant and engaging.

Marketers must comply with the rules set by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and best practices provided by the Cellular Telecommunication Industry Association. While leveraging third-parties to initiate SMS campaigns, advertisers should provide an opt-out element or use suppression list management platforms.

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