Marketers need to sharpen their media literacy skills to identify deepfakes

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September 18, 2019, 2:56 PM UTC

Digitally manipulated videos can be hard to detect and can negatively impact a brand’s reputation.

Deepfakes are believable videos created by an AI algorithm, where a person in it is either doing or saying something that they did not do or say. While deepfakes can be used for entertainment purposes, they can also be potentially used to damage a brand’s reputation by spreading fake news.

This piece argues that marketers should sharpen their media literacy to determine whether a video is fake or not. Learning more about how AI works can help marketers to identify and deal with deepfakes.

While using various tools and applications to detect deepfakes, marketers also need to be cautious about the way the language is used in the video. Brands can use the PESO model to express their side of the story during a deepfake crisis.

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