Brands should embrace pre-emptive shopping to enhance customers’ shopping experience

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September 23, 2019, 2:20 PM UTC

Pre-emptive shopping is a customer-led personalisation opportunity that uses automation software to give more control to the consumers.

This piece argues that e-commerce brands should adopt pre-emptive shopping for personalising the customer shopping experience. It would enable customers to set up rules about what products can be added or removed automatically from their carts.

Unlike data-led personalisation, pre-emptive shopping doesn’t depend on the probability of consumer choices, and it gives consumers more control over their shopping preferences. It also enables consumers to make conditional purchases, like, “If the weather exceeds 22 degrees Celsius, add this sun lotion to my recommended basket.”

The author says that this form of shopping can also end up adding something that is no longer needed by the customer. But e-commerce brands can avoid that by re-confirming the order with the customer before completing the transaction. 

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