Brands must develop mobile-friendly product pages and digital ads for the holiday season

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September 26, 2019, 2:27 AM UTC

Waiving off or lowering shipping fee on products can increase brand sales.

Dallas Lawrence, chief communication and brand officer at OpenX makes suggestions on how businesses can boost sales through the holiday season. Lawrence states that brands should focus on having mobile-friendly product pages and digital ads. Consumers want personalised but “privacy compliant advertising,” he notes.

A survey conducted by OpenX revealed that for over 60% of respondents, shipping costs influence the completion of an online purchase. Lawrence highlighted that reducing shipping fee can increase sales in 2019.

Further, he notes that brands should invest in advertising on streaming services and sponsoring podcasts, over traditional TV. OpenX’s report found that 42% of holiday shoppers have cut the cord this year or plan to. However, traditional channels still see most of the ad dollars.

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