Brands must invest in social media software to help spot unhappy consumers

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October 23, 2019, 1:30 PM UTC

Customer support staff must work in tandem with the marketing team to deliver more value.

Brands must keep a watch on online conversations to resolve issues faced by customers quickly before the problems get spun off into a negative brand narrative. Investing in social media software can help brands can spot users in need of assistance and reach out to them.

This piece recommends brands must customise their outreach emails with workflow automation tools and include the customer and product details. They should further embed the emails with available call times to make it easier to contact the business.

Businesses can also improve their customer service by leveraging videoconferencing for particularly emotional or hostile customers. Since customer service agents cannot be physically available with the customers to solve their problems, getting on a video call can help build trust and display attentiveness.

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