Marketers must understand how voice can influence a consumer’s decision-making journey

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November 01, 2019, 1:33 AM UTC

They must act as “matchmakers” between brands and voice assistants.

This article states how brands must prepare for voice commerce given that voice user interface (VUI) has gone beyond being a “curiosity” and has become an “economic powerhouse”. VUI’s are capable of driving growth for brands that embrace it or could “destroy” the ones that neglect it.

The author suggests measures to implement VUI and to capitalise on it. First comes creating a psychographic voice profile of the customers. It should then be identified where voice fits into the audience’s behaviour and how it can impact a customer’s decision-making.

Marketers must understand what kind of devices most consumers are likely to use for voice when shopping for a brand’s product. To ensure that products are found via voice, marketers must be the “matchmakers” between brands and voice assistants.

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