Brands must review internal policies and practices to ensure they foster empathy

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November 08, 2019, 2:41 AM UTC

They must ensure their work culture resonates with employees to create empathy “inside out”.

This article states that consumers want to buy from brands who implement their company’s mission, and not just pay “lip-service”. For this purpose, the author provides a “sanity check” for brands to create an authentic culture of empathy within the organisation first.

Empathetic brands understand that their employees will engage with customers more genuinely when the same experience is reflected in the workplace. Hence, they must encourage employees to live up to the brand’s vision and values.

The author adds that brands should train employees to be empathetic while engaging with customers, and also motivate leaders to embrace the same sentiment. To avoid having an inauthentic empathy front, brands must review their internal policies and practices and build a trustworthy environment that fosters collaboration.

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