Use five or fewer questions in LinkedIn Lead Gen forms to maximise ad efforts

Tasim Zahid
December 09, 2019, 9:14 AM GMT+0

After the form is submitted, link a strong call-to-action to other content for continued engagement.

This article states that LinkedIn’s Lead Gen forms ad option is a “strong driver of audience response”, specifically on smartphones. As a part of the best practices, the author recommends brands to develop a firm offer and communicate the value of the offering.

Marketers should limit the number of questions on these lead forms to five or fewer. Further, custom questions should be supplemented by multiple choices wherever applicable, to avoid a drop in submission rates.

After members submit information to lead generation forms, marketers should use the confirmation message to provide the next steps. Along with optimising their target audience using demographic data, brands should also maximise their LinkedIn page by adding necessary information and posting content regularly.

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