46% of Americans are most frustrated by seeing the same ad repeatedly on streaming services

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January 09, 2020, 7:19 AM UTC

A survey was conducted on 2,613 US adults.

This article cites The Trade Desk’s study which observed 53% of Americans being open to viewing ads while streaming video content, if they’re offered a lower subscription price. 59% of respondents wouldn’t want to pay over $20 monthly for streaming services, and 75% won’t pay over $30 monthly.

The research revealed that seeing the same commercial repeatedly on streaming services is the most frustrating thing about ads for 46% of consumers. If it ultimately led to watching fewer ads overall, 68% of respondents would be open to watching relevant ads.

US has 53% of its households subscribed to Netflix, 29% to Hulu and 43% to Amazon Prime. A different report, by Informa Tech's IHS Markit Technology, estimates online video advertising revenue to reach $27 billion in 2023.

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