Use order management and unified commerce platform to deliver an omni-channel experience

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January 09, 2020, 3:20 AM GMT+0

Order management provide visibility into a customer’s transaction history.

This piece states that using next-generation order management will let omni-channel retail brands integrate order capture and fulfilment between physical and online stores. A Boston Retail Partners report states that order management systems can deliver a holistic, real-time, personal customer-centric experience.

Product returns are challenging for omni-channel retailers. Upon integration with ecommerce, order management helps address this by tying shoppers to their order history. Further, order management goes beyond processing orders, but integrates all the customer-facing systems.

Customer-centric order management can provide visibility into a consumer’s transaction history in a channel-agnostic manner. Retail brands can best deliver an omni-channel experience when order management, store partners and a unified commerce platform work together.

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