Video addressability will require collaboration and interoperability across systems and players

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January 21, 2020, 11:28 AM GMT+0

Identity-based solutions will facilitate “additional personification to addressable video impressions” for precise targeting.

This article provides mandates that will address the upcoming video addressability innovations in 2020. The author argues that to ensure a seamless viewer experience there should be no room for delivery glitches or compromised creative quality.

Since the purpose of linear addressability is serving different creatives to targeted households, brands must enable “dynamic creative optionality with more production support”. Government regulations surrounding data protection will make true identity-based data solution paramount for audience building and targeting.

Further, linear addressable activation is expected to include cross-platform video measurement and outcome-oriented closed-loop studies as a part of its offering. Historically, lengthy reporting processes have left cross-platform campaign insights underutilised. Hence, marketers will use sophisticated analytics to ensure optimal planning and allocation of future campaigns.

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