Offering non-monetary incentives can help businesses with tight budgets to partner with influencers

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January 28, 2020, 1:46 PM UTC

Influencers like receiving relevant items and experiences that help create and curate interesting content for their audience.  

This piece states that offering incentives to influencers enable brands with tight budgets to create effective influencer marketing campaigns. Businesses can compensate influencers with non-monetary benefits like exposure, access, and association to build a collaborative relationship with the brand.

The article states that brands can offer audience exposure, shout outs on social media and the company website to any prospective influencer. Marketers can further share or comment on the influencer content that is relevant to their business.

Using influencers as brand ambassadors for marketing campaigns can help brands leverage their expertise while allowing influencers to showcase their association. The author contends that brands can facilitate volunteer opportunities for influencers to benefit from the exposure offered by their participation.

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